Booklets & Videos

The Coping-Together booklets are designed to provide information about cancer-related concerns and challenges that are commonly encountered by patients and their partners. While also offering specific, practical strategies and tips to directly address the issues you are facing. Browse through each online booklet to get familiar with the topics each one covers.

Cancer treatment requires a team of health care professionals that cover every aspect of your care. It is important you feel comfortable talking openly with them, know how to ask the right questions to get the information you need, and to understand their responses. This booklet and video presents strategies to enhance your communication with your health care team.
Many people find that deciding on a treatment plan is one of the most challenging issues they face following a diagnosis of cancer. This booklet looks at the issues many couples face when making cancer treatment decisions and provides practical ways of addressing them. Watch the video to get insight from other couples and Dr Peter Chong about key issues when making treatment decisions.
Cancer and its treatment may cause physical problems, even after treatment ends. Different treatments cause different symptoms or side effects, and people may experience them differently. This booklet offers strategies to better manage symptoms of cancer and its treatment. View the video for strategies for managing symptoms from other couples and Professor Geoff Delaney.
Your reaction to the cancer diagnosis will be influenced by many things, including your previous experiences with serious illnesses and your coping skills. You feel confident in your ability to cope in some areas, but you may be struggling with others.  This booklet outlines strategies to help you cope with the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing.
A cancer diagnosis can shake your confidence in your ability to really be there for your partner, or it may present an opportunity to develop new and better ways to relate to each other. This booklet and video offer ways to enhance your communication, boost your connection, and deal with the tough times arising from a cancer diagnosis.
Finding the help you need among the numerous cancer support networks can be daunting, especially if you are not sure where to look or who to ask. In this booklet and video, we’ve put together some common forms of support –practical, emotional, financial, informational and legal – that you may need and suggested ways to help you find the right resources.